Balancing Market Rulebook

The Balancing Market includes the Balancing Capacity Market, the Balancing Energy Market and the Imbalances Settlement. The Balancing Market Rulebook is adopted in line with the provisions of Articles 17 and 18 of Law 4425/2016 and with the provisions of Regulation (EE) 2017/2195. The Balancing Market Rulebook sets out the rules and procedures for the operation of the Balancing Market, such as, inter alia:

  • designate the Participants in the Balancing Market and describe the relevant registration procedure.
  • set out detailed rules and conditions under which Participants may participate in the Balancing Market,
  • define the rights and obligations of the HETS Operator vis-à-vis the Participants in connection to their participation in the Balancing Market,
  • describe the interface between the Balancing Market, the Day-Ahead Market and the Intra-Day Market, including the exchange of information between the Power Exchange and the HETS Operator,
  • set out detailed rules for the validation of Balancing Energy Offers and Balancing Capacity Offers by the HETS Operator,
  • describe the input data, the operation, and the results of the Integrated Scheduling Process and the Energy Balancing Market
  • describe the interface between the Integrated Scheduling Process and the Energy Balancing Market,
  • determine the penalties for the Participants in the event of non-compliance with the provisions of this Rulebook,
  • define the Balancing Market Settlement procedure,
  • define the procedure for exchanging information with other stakeholders,
  • specify the reporting and monitoring obligations of the HETS Operator in relation to the Balancing Market,
  • define the procedures for the protection of commercially sensitive information.


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3 Balancing Market Rulebook_v3 1357/2020 4516/14.10.2020 Balancing Market Rulebook_v3-v2
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