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The MoU was signed at IPTO’s headquarters in Athens by the Chairman and CEO of IPTO, Mr. Manos Manousakis and the Managing Director and CEO of Telecom Egypt, Mr. Adel Hamed

The subsidiary of IPTO proceeds to assign formal names to the fiber optic cable systems, installed in parallel with the island's subsea electrical interconnections to the Greek mainland

System Load

Daily Production per Fuel & Interconnections Balance

Transmission System

The dynamic map depicts the 400 KV transmission lines and Greece's interconnections with the islands and with foreign countries  Italy, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey.

The flows of foreign interconnections concern 08/07/2020 12:00 EEST.

Lines by voltage level (colors)

Transport line 380-400 kV
132-150kV transmission line
Continuous current line


Additional data for all lines and trends

Under construction


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IPTO at a glance
billion euros have been invested till 2030
Extra high voltage centers (EHV S/S)
km submarine and underground cables
km overhead (OHL) lines