Entso - E

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) represents 42 Transmission System Operators from 35 EU countries, and its mission is to integrate the European internal electricity model and optimize its operation. 

IPTO SA is a member of ENTSO-E with an active role in all its activities, participating in committees and relevant working groups for the planning and implementation of Codes, the formulation of European network development plans, the preparation of studies on the adequacy of the System and the coordination with research programmes for the promotion of Research and Innovation (Market Committee, System Development Committee, System Operations Committee, Research and Development Committee). It also participates in consortia for the implementation of projects relating to the operation and development of the ENTSO-E networks and chairs the Project Group “Turkey”, for the interconnection of Turkey to the ENTSO-e Network. 

Finally, IPTO has an enhanced representation in the Network's decisions, since IPTO Chairman and CEO, Mr Manos Manousakis is an elected member of the Board of ENTSO-E since June 2019.