Grid Code

The HETS Grid Code sets out rules not related to the operation of the Balancing Market. The HETS Grid Code is available only in Greek.

No GRID CODE VERSIONS RAE's DECISION Government Gazzete B' Track changes version
1 HETS Grid Code_v1 1412/2020 4658/22.10.2020  
2 HETS Grid Code_v2 1572/2020 5484/11.12.2020 HETS Grid Code_v2-v1
3 HETS Grid Code_v3 609/2021 3500/31.07.2021 HETS Grid Code_v3-v2
4 HETS Grid Code_v4 807/2021 5025/29.10.2021 HETS Grid Code_v4-v3
5 HETS Grid Code_v5 1000/2021 6255/27.12.2021 HETS Grid Code_v5-v4
6 HETS Grid Code_v6 98/2022 725/18.02.2022 HETS Grid Code_v6-v5
7 HETS Grid Code_v7 585/2022 3426/04.07.2022 HETS Grid Code_v7-v6




The application details of the provisions, regarding the HETS Grid Code, are determined by the Manuals, provided in the relevant Chapters. The Manuals are issued according to RAE's Decision, following a recommendation by the HETS Operator and a public consultation. 

Transitional implementation of the previous HETS Grid Code

The HETS Grid Code according to the previous market model defined both the rules for the operation of the system and the rules for the settlement of the electricity market. According to RAE's Decision 1412/2020, transactions relating to a period before the entry into force of the Balancing Market (as of November 1st 2020), are settled in accordance with the provisions of the previous HETS Management Code issued by Decision No. 57/2012 of RAE (GG B' 103 / 31.01.2012), as amended. The Grid Code and the relevant Manuals are available only in Greek.


Previous HETS Grid Code

HETS Grid Code_v 3.9

HETS Grid Code_v 3.9 (tc)


Previous Manuals

Manual of Dispatch

Manual of Market

Manual of Settlement