SEleNe - CC

General information about RSCs

Regional Security Coordinators (RSCs) are companies that are established by and belong to Transmission System Operators (TSO), such as IPTO, their main objective being to maintain the operational security of the Electricity System at European level. RSC customers are the TSOs, which receive specialised services (European Requirement), such as advanced calculation of composite elements of the grid at regional level, through computer models created exclusively to meet the needs of their region, such as the Southeast Europe region). This why the establishment of RSCs is one of the most important steps towards the integration of Europe’s synchronous energy zones.  

In this framework, four Transmission System Operators of Europe, IPTO (Greece), ESO-EAD (Bulgaria), TERNA SpA (Italy) and Transelectrica (Romania), on 22 May 2020 established an RSC under the name SEleNe CC (Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center), seated in Thessaloniki, which is the energy center of Southeast Europe and of the Greek-Italian borders. 


SEleNe CC (Southeast Electricity Network Coordination Center) 

SELeNe CC was established on the 22nd of May, 2020, by ESO-EAD IPTO, TERNA SpA and Transelectrica. The company is seated in Thessaloniki. Due to the crisis of the pandemic, the company’s establishment was signed by representatives of the foreign shareholders, in Athens.

The first Board of Directors convened on 29/5/2020 and was formed into body with Mr Kampouris as Chairman and CEO, who is also IPTO's Chief Officer of Operation, Infrastructure and Market, and Angelin Tsachev from ESO, Enrico Maria Carlini from Terna and Andrian Suta from Transelectrica as Directors.