Cyclades Interconnection Phase C - Reinforcement of Syros

The project is part of the subsidized project "The Interconnection of Cyclades Islands with the National Mainland Interconnected Transmission System - Phases A', B', and C'" the complete data of which are in . 

Phase C of the Cyclades interconnection includes the completion of the interconnection by installation of a second submarine Lavrio - Syros cable, as well as the required connection works at Lavrio and Syros.

The goal of Phase C is to assure the necessary reliability in all operational conditions, depending on the evolution of demand on the interconnected islands. 

  • The completion of Phase C ensures full reliability of the supply of the Cyclades island group for the planned project operation time frame and in N-1 conditions for the Lavrio-Syros line. In any case, even after the construction of all project phases, productive capacity must be maintained on the Islands, in order to be able to address emergencies (such as fault at the Syros Substation, etc.). To this end, IPTO, in cooperation with PPC and with the contribution of HEDNO, has set in motion the procedures for the selection of the Autonomous Production Stations which will remain on the islands on emergency reserve and the corresponding financial and operational terms.
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