The Interconnection of Cyclades Islands with the National Mainland Interconnected Tranmsission System

Phases A΄ B΄ and C΄

The project of the Interconnection of Cyclades Islands is a technically complex project, completed in three phases, which ensures the reliable, economic and sufficient supply of electricity to the islands Syros, Paros, Tinos, Mykonos kai Naxos islands for the next 30-40 years.

The phase A is comprised of the connection of Syros Island with Lavrion (mainland) as well as with me islands of Paros, Mykonos and Tinos.

The phase B is comprised of the connection of Paros island with Naxos island and the connection of Naxos island with Mykonos island.

The phase C is comprised of the second interconnection between Lavrion (mainland) and Syros island.


This project ensures reliable electricity supply of Cyclades Islands, which is hindered by the limited capability of installing new Autonomous Power Stations (APS), due to environmental reasons.

The power supply production cost is reduced and therefore the cost of the energy demand.

Moreover there is an environmental improvement by allowing the reduction and the future removal of the existing power stations which operate on heavy fuel oil and light fuel oil (diesel), and the environmental disturbance is reduced by avoiding the construction of overhead transmission lines.

Also this project creates the necessary infrastructure for the exploitation of the significant renewable power potential in the islands.

This is a strategic project of national importance with great added value. To this end, the Ministerial Decision No. FA/R 3.2/57/3, dated 3.1.2011, specifically names the project of “Interconnection of Cyclades Islands with the National Mainland Interconnected Transmission System” as a project of “general importance for the economy of the country”.