General Division of Financial Services

The mission of the Financial & Accounting Services Department (FASD) of IPTO is to manage the financial activities and cash of IPTO, to draw up and monitor the budget and business plan of the IPTO group and the accounting and taxation management of its operation, while minimising any related financial risks.

The main mission of the Supply Chain Department is to work towards reducing costs, continuously improving the operation and increasing the efficiency of IPTO, through procurement and projects at the right time, assuring the best materials, equipment and services from a technical and financial aspect and rationally managing stocks and means of transport. 


The Information Technology and Telecommunications Department (ITTD) is responsible for the planning, development, support and security of the company's information and telecommunication systems.

The Information Technology and Telecommunications Department (ITTD) is structured into three branches, eight sectors and nine subsectors.


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