Supply Chain Department (SCD)

The main mission of the Supply Chain Department is to work towards reducing costs, continuously improving the operation and increasing the efficiency of IPTO, through procurement and projects at the right time, assuring the best materials, equipment and services from a technical and financial aspect and rationally managing stocks and means of transport. 

In the framework of its mission, the main responsibilities of the SCD, in summary, involve: 

  1. Monitoring the national and EU legal framework and updating - in cooperation with the other co-competent Departments - the internal regulations and processes. 
  2. Preparing the annual Supplies Programme.
  3. Conducting supplier market research, analysis of range of supply costs and formulation of supplier - product selection strategy, in order to ensure the optimum way of implementing each supply action.
  4. Cooperation with IPTO’s Departments for laying down the technical specifications of the supply. 
  5. Observing expenditure limits for purchases of materials and equipment, as well as the value targets of stocks.
  6. Conducting tender processes for Projects and Services, selecting Contractors and ensuring the drafting and performance of the relevant contracts. 
  7. Evaluating the performance of existing Suppliers and Contractors relating to compliance with commercial and legal contractual obligations. 
  8. Monitoring construction of materials and equipment under procurement, and assuring their acceptance as regards quality.
  9. Running the warehouses with the materials of Transmission Lines, Substations and Ultra-high Voltage Centers. 
  10. Ensuring the self-insurance and insurance for IPTO means of transport. 
  11. Coordinating and supervising customs clearances, processing of customs formalities for the import and export of materials and equipment. 
  12. Planning future expansions, adding and removing storage spaces depending on needs.
  13. Monitoring IPTO supply chain and submitting of proposals for improvement.
  14. Submitting proposals for the formulation of heavy transports policy, as well as processing guidelines and issuing instructions for the management of means of transport  and for monitoring the operation of the transport system. 

Quality control and materials management sector

  • Quality control and assurance of acceptance as regards quality thereof, in collaboration with the involved Department, according to the provisions of the contracts for projects, supplies and Connection of Users to the System. 
  • Collaborative determination of security stock limits, assessment of needs in materials, means and equipment and assuring supply of warehouses and issue of Purchase Requests.
  • Operation of warehouses, management of materials and equipment, management of movement of materials, scheduling and monitoring annual inventories of System materials, monitoring of unused or excess materials and ensuring its utilisation. 

Transport and Fleet Management Sector

  • Transport of materials and equipment from warehouses to construction sites
  • Support of the company's maintenance and constructions crews with vehicles and machinery and specialised personnel
  • Transport and installation of heavy machinery, such as autotransformers and self-inductances, etc., in substations and HVCs

Electronic Procurements Sector

The Electronic Procurements Sector has responsibilities involving the

  • control and supervision of activities:
  1. conduct all tender processes 
  2. selection of Contractors
  3. drafting of Contracts 
  4. management of performance of Contracts for Projects, Services, Designs, Supply of materials, consumables and equipment, for all IPTO Departments.
  • Monitoring of IPTO supply chain on matters of projects, services and supply of equipment, materials and consumables
  • Monitoring of national and EU legal framework governing projects, and updating of internal regulations and procedures.



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