Overhead Transmission Lines 400 kV bypass in New Penteli area

The project concerns the study, supply of materials and the complete construction of the variants of the overhead Transmission Lines (T.L.) 400kV Pallini - Agios Stefanos and Argyroupoli - Koumoundourou including all the necessary conversions and dismantling of the existing T.L. 400 kV.

The project is a "turn key project" and includes:

a. The supply of the required materials and the complete construction of the variants of overhead T.L. 400kV Pallini - Agios Stefanos (towers: PAS 25N-PAS 29N) and T.L. 400kV Argyroupoli - Koumoundourou (towers: ARK 64N-ARK 68AN).

b. The required dismantling works of the above lines; parts to be removed and the transfer of the dismantled materials (packed towers, insulators, pipes and hanging materials), in a place that will be indicated by IPTO

c. Design and installation of ground pipeline in the towers where required.



The project cover the existing deficiencies of the national energy infrastructure and with its implementation the optimization of the lines' route is achieved and consequently the assurance of the supply of the interconnected system with electricity in a safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly way.