Annual Strategy Meeting 2020

The Strategy Meeting is an institution held for the third consecutive year at IPTO.

It involves Management informing executives about the strategy which the company will follow and explaining the key tools for achieving it. The objective is to communicate the strategy to all employees, in order to help everyone realise how personal goals and targets set at all levels of the hierarchy are closely related to the company's key strategic goals.

IPTO’s strategy for the 2018-2012 four-year period, i.e. “Leadership in electricity transmission”, is summarised in the following pillars:

  • Remaining in the leadership of interconnections.
  • Updating and optimum management of assets.
  • Establishment of leading role in the new era of the Energy Market (implementation of Target Model and participation in the Energy Exchange).

The long-term strategy is further specialised through the annual targets and challenges. 2020 is the year that will solidify IPTO’s role in the new landscape.

Beyond however the analysis about what we wish to achieve in the future, the Strategy Meeting also includes taking stock of the most significant achievements of the past year and rewarding the project teams that contributed in their success. Furthermore, the Strategy Meeting is an opportunity for dialogue between Management and executives, both through multiple choice questions put to executives and through questions put to Management.