IPTO starts to upgrade the Kyllini-Zakynthos electrical interconnection

The rest of the tender procedures for guaranteeing the energy security of the entire Ionian Islands are being promoted at a very fast pace

IPTO is speeding up the procedures for the full upgrade of the Kyllini-Zakynthos cable connection, as yesterday the tender envelope was unsealed, with Fulgor S.A., a member of the Hellenic Cables Group, being the candidate contractor. Once the required review of the submitted bid has been successfully completed, the construction of the project will be able to be launched. 

This particular line has been in continuous operation since the early 1980s and due to its age, its replacement was initiated as a priority by the Operator, in order for the new, upgraded cable connection to be ready to cover the increased loads of the island as early as the next summer season. 

At the same time, IPTO is advancing at a rapid pace with the tenders for the rest of the projects to upgrade the electrical interconnections in the Ionian Islands, with the aim of securing the Transmission System in western Greece as well. 

As part of these projects, the implementation of which is expected to start successively in the coming months, the Operator aims at the replacement of the obsolete subsea cable systems installed in the previous decades and the overall modernization of the existing interconnections in the Ionian Islands. More specifically:


- Aktio – Preveza: The construction of the interconnection is urgently promoted to start in the short-term. The project has an estimated implementation term of 8 months and is prioritized due to its criticality as part of the existing cabling is approaching the end of its useful life.

- Kefalonia – Lefkada: The announcement of the tender procedure is about to take place soon. The project has an estimated implementation term of 10 months and is expected to be completed earlier than originally planned, within 2024.

- Zakynthos - Kefalonia: IPTO is ready to proceed with the tender announcements within the next period, while in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior it aims to speed up the licensing procedures so that the project can be delivered even earlier than its planned time of completion, which is estimated to be within 2025.

- New Corfu connection: The design has been completed and the project is in the environmental permitting phase. The auctioning of the new interconnection is planned to take place immediately after the required permits have been obtained.

The electricity transmission infrastructure modernization projects in the Ionian Islands have a total budget of around EUR 100 million and their completion is planned to take place gradually from the first half of 2023 to the second half of 2025.