Systems & Infrastructure Department (SID)

The Systems & Infrastructure Department (SID) belongs to the General Division of Operation, Infrastructure and Market.

In the framework of its mission, the SID Department is responsible for the development, management and technical support of all the information systems and electromechanical infrastructure of IPTO’s Control Centers, including both the National CC (NCC) in Kryoneri, Attica, and the Regional CCs:

  • South Regional CC (SRCC): accommodated in the same facilities as the National CC in Kryoneri
  • North Regional CC (NRCC): located in Ptolemaida
  • Thessaloniki Regional CC (TRCC): located next to the Kaftatzogleio Stadium in Thessaloniki
  • Crete Regional CC (CRCC): A new Regional CC is currently under development by the SID, due to the imminent interconnection of Crete with the mainland Transmission System.

The SID is responsible for the seamless operation, the adaptation to new requirements and the technical support of the Energy Management System (EMS), which is the main IT system installed in all Control Centers of Transmission System Operators and is the basic tool used to monitor and control the Transmission System in real-time, in accordance with the applicable Codes and technical requirements of ENTSO-E.

An equally fundamental priority of the Department is to ensure the seamless and proper operation of the Market Management System, which is the IT system used for submission of participants’ offers in the Energy Market, the operation of Day Ahead Scheduling, the operation of Energy Scheduling and Dispatch Scheduling, the mechanism for issuing Dispatch Orders to production units in real time, and the calculation of Imbalances Marginal Price (IMP), based on the economic and technical offers of participants and the operating conditions of the Transmission System.

In parallel to operating the MMS for the current Electricity Market, the SID, in cooperation with the Market Management Department (MMD) and the Information Technology & Telecommunications Department (ITTD), has undertaken the development of a new MMS platform for the operation of the new Balancing Market, as part of the implementation of the Target Model.

The SID holds a key role in the development of the Interconnected Generation and Transmission System by modeling and incorporating  in the SCADA applications of the Regional CCs all the new 150KV and 400KV substations, all the new Power Plants , wind farms and photovoltaic stations, as well as the determination of the remote monitoring and remote control information exchanged, the relevant implementation and testing.

The interconnection and operation of the CC systems and infrastructure mentioned above with the respective systems of the other ENTSO-E Operators or Transmission Systems for the exchange of information, even in real time, through the ICCP protocol, strengthens the operational security of the European Interconnected System of the ENTSO-E countries in multiple ways. The SID participates and supports all major European communication platforms of the ENTSO-E Operators (Electronic Highway, ICCP, ENTSO-E EAS, CGM, OPDE, STA/OPC, Transparency platform, Remit, …)

A significant achievement of the Systems & Infrastructure Department is the development of a Data Warehouse (DWH), which is fed with all the important data from the operation of the Transmission System and the Electricity Market, is constantly enhanced with additional data based on the evolution of  domestic and European needs and offers necessary and valuable information to all IPTO users.

Another important responsibility of the SID is the support of the proper operation of Control Center infrastructure and electromechanical equipment, the drafting of technical specifications and the supervision of the implementation of new relevant systems, such as: Access Control, Fire Detection System & Fire Extinguishing, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), Building  Management System (BMS), Cooling Close Control Unit for Data Centers.


The most recent achievements of the SID and most important projects under way are:

New EMS (Energy Management System), implemented over a three-year period and put into successful commercial operation in September 2017, by replacing the previous one that had been operating under the SID’s responsibility since 1993.

The upgrade of the Historical Logging and Statistical Analysis System, which is a very important DWH of the company, with data from the operation of the Transmission System and the operation of the Electricity Market, in October 2018, with constant enhancements with new data and capabilities since then.

Installation of new state-of-the-art Display Walls at the three CCs in late 2019, with simultaneous upgrade of the control rooms of the CCs (project included in the NSRF).

Successful simultaneous launch of three independent projects for the radical upgrade of the Crete Regional CC and its integration into IPTO’s EMS in view of the interconnection of Crete with the mainland Interconnected System. The completion of all three projects is anticipated in the fall of 2020.

Launch of project to replace precision air-conditioning for all three main CCs with similar new systems (project also included in the NSRF), with prospect for completion in early 2021.  

Implementation of MMS (Market Management System) for the new Electricity Market, the Balancing Market, which was launched in May 2018 and is expected to be completed by September 2020.


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