Market Management Department (MMD)

The broader changes in the energy sector in the context of creating a single competitive electricity market at European level, render the Market Management Department one of the most dynamic, flexible and innovative departments of IPTO.

From an organisational aspect it falls under the General Division of Operation, Infrastructure and Market and consists of three Sectors.

  • Planning and Market Monitoring Sector

  • Market Operation and Interconnections Management Sector

  • Metering and Settlement Sector 

The Market Management Department performs critical processes of IPTO, which include, among other things, Market operation and monitoring, interconnection capacity management and allocation, Company cooperation with Auction Offices (JAO, SECAO), in which IPTO participates together with other European Operators, collection and management of  High Voltage System and Medium Voltage Renewable Energy Sources metering data, calculation of energy values and energy balance preparation, Balancing Market clearing, and support to participants in the wholesale electricity market.

The Market Management Department closely monitors the European regulatory framework which governs the operation of the Market, with active participation in ENTSO-e groups and other European agencies. It is also responsible for the harmonisation of the national regulatory framework with European regulations, at the same time developing new processes and information systems for the improvement of the Market’s operation.


Role and responsibilities of the separate Sectors:

Market Planning and Monitoring Sector

  • Planning of Balancing Market and market mechanisms - recommendations for the amendment of the regulatory framework
  • Development of methodologies and preparation of studies on Market operation
  • Market monitoring, control and analysis
  • Preparation and publication of periodical reports and statistical reports


Metering and Settlement Sector

  • Collection, management and certification of Metering data
  • Balancing Market Clearing
  • Maintaining Market and Meter Register
  • Support of participants in metering and clearing matters


Market Operation  and Interconnections Management Sector

  • Performance of Integrated Scheduling Procedure
  • Management and assignment of capacity of interconnections and scheduling of interconnections
  • Development and support of cross-border trade procedures
  • Support of participants in matters of Market Operation and Interconnections Management


The Market Management Department counts the following among its main achievements:

  • The development of modern information systems for the Market, such as:
  1. the cross-border information system X-Border Management System (XBMS), 
  2. the MODESTO information system for the collection, certification and processing of metering data; 
  3. the Market Management System (MMS) information system for the Integrated Scheduling Procedure; 
  4. the information system for the conduct of auctions for  market mechanisms;
  5. the electronic dispatch of information settlement notes.
  • Formulation of the regulatory framework govenring the operation of the Balancing Market and the incorporation of the new RES framework.
  • The study for the application of a Shortage Pricing mechanism, the study for the new System User Charging methodology and the development of the methodologies required by the Balancing Market Rulebook.
  • The planning and implementation of the procedures in view of the Market Coupling.
  • The planning of the cooperation framework with the Settlement Body.

The standing objective of the Market Management Department is the efficient/smooth adjustment to European developments, the rationalisation/improvement of the operations of the domestic Market, and the fostering of healthy competition, in order to provide the appropriate incentives for the entry of new participants and the attraction of new investments. The innovation, performance and automation of the Department’s procedures contribute towards IPTO taking on a leading role in the electricity Market.


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