Human Resources & Support Department (HRSD)

The mission of the Human Resources & Support Department is to continuously increase the efficiency and performance of IPTO’s human resources, by making optimal use of the full range of their potential and skills, providing modern training services and implementing policies for health and safety at work. At the same time, it plays a supporting role in the work of management bodies and helps shape the best image for the Company.

Specifically, the Human Resources Sector is responsible for the timely planning of the Company's needs and the recruitment procedures through ASEP, aiming at its staffing with capable and efficient human resources. It is responsible for managing mobility matters (transfers, secondments, resignations), personnel changes (inclusions, transfers, specialization changes, duty assignment), salary promotions, while providing equal opportunities to all employees. In addition, it is responsible for the granting of allowances, loans and bonuses to the staff. It processes regulations and procedures for staff employment issues (all types of personnel leave, working hours, etc.). It is responsible for convening the Crisis Boards, Disciplinary Boards and formulating the disciplinary enforcement policy. It is responsible for processing the payroll of the Company's staff, and managing evaluation systems and processes. 

Its responsibilities further encompass matters of communication with Trade Unions and other Personnel organisations and the preparation of the collective negotiations framework for the conclusion of the Collective Labour Agreement, including drafting, processing and monitoring the implementation of the collective agreement.

The Human Resources Development & Organisation Sector is involved with corporate social responsibility matters relating to the implementation of IPTO's strategy for communication and development of relationships with EU agencies, Businesses, Organisations, State Authorities and Local Government. It ensures that any requests and complaints of System users are promptly addressed. It contributes towards the development and implementation of the Company’s sponsorship strategy, through the promotion of sponsorship actions to the public and local communities, in cooperation with the IPTO Units. Also, it supports the organisation and implementation of company trips, as well as events, corporate dinners, launches and workshops.

It is responsible for the training of the personnel, its participation in seminars, educational events, lectures, conferences, and postsecondary - postgraduate studies and foreign language learning programmes. It organises and monitors student internships with the Company. It maintains the Company’s subscriptions in various organisations and for printed and electronic periodical & daily press. It supplies the Company with the necessary scientific books and International Standards. 

At the same time, it is responsible for the Company’s organisational and communication matters. It processes and recommends its organisational policy, management tools and personnel management policy. It manages internal communication and is responsible for the operation of the relevant network. It organises and implements vocational orientation programmes, providing useful career advice to the children of the Company's employees.

The Health and Safety Sector is responsible for formulating policy and supporting the Company in meeting its obligations in line with the legislative framework for Health and Safety at Work. It is responsible for ensuring and upgrading the Health and Safety services, the prevention of occupational accidents and the management of occupational risks and diseases. It is also responsible for IPTO’s preparedness on matters of Civil Protection and Emergency Political Planning. 
Moreover, it carries out measurements for harmful agents, by monitoring the health of anyone exposed to them, and by carrying out public health inspections at the workplaces.
The Boards & Management Support Sector has responsibilities relating to the processing of the works of the IPTO Boards, in accordance with the Company's Rules of Procedure, including their secretarial support, preparing the list of persons who have access to privileged information and informing them of the sanctions they are subject to in case of unlawful use thereof, on logistics matters pertaining to Management Bodies and Special Advisers. 


The Human Resources & Support Department has the following achievements to present:

  • Implementation of the digitization of all employee files, as part of developing an electronic filing and document management IT system. This allows faster and easier access to company files, saves physical storage space and utilises human and financial resources more efficiently.
  • Implementation of a modern electronic Performance Management System that eliminates red tape, saves time and resources and contributes to improving employee performance as well as the overall results of the Company.
  • New innovative practices such as hands-on and remote education with use of applications such as zoom, webex, and training on modern management subjects (executive management)
  • Staffing of the clinics, in all the Units across Greece, with nursing and medical staff. 
  • Launch of the psychological support line with the purpose of improving the mental health of employees in relation to problems arising from the management of the pandemic.



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