Asset Management Department (AMD)

The mission of the Asset Management Department (AMD) is to optimally manage the fixed assets of the Electricity Transmission System (Transmission Lines, HVC and Substations) through the design and implementation of appropriate methodologies and the necessary information systems. 

Its main purpose is to maintain a sound, powerful and cost-efficient power grid infrastructure, in line with the Company's strategic goals. To this end, it performs reviews and makes proposals for improving the required maintenance and for planning the renewal of the electromechanical equipment, using the available data on the condition and life cycle of the assets.

Role and Responsibilities 

The role of the AMD is multifaceted, and it involves combining different information and characteristics of the assets, in terms of their technological, operational, financial, regulatory parameters. 
Therefore, the AMD cooperates directly with all IPTO Departments, and especially the Transmission System Maintenance (TSMD), Transmission New Projects (TNPD), Strategy & System Planning (SSPD), System Operation (TSOCD), Legal & Regulatory Issues (LRID), Information Technology & Telecommunications (ITTD), Financial & Accounting Services (FASD) and Supply Chain (SCD) Departments. 

Its responsibilities in relation to the assets include: 

  • monitoring their life cycle, statistical processing and analysis of maintenance scheduling and reporting and of failures in operational characteristics and analysis of the operation performance indicators of HETS in regular reports, aiming at a high level of performance and the best strategy for renewal/modernization where required
  • developing, operating and updating the Geographic Information System (GIS) of the Transmission System and the Equipment Databases, for the more effective monitoring, management and supervision of equipment relating to the Transmission Lines, Substations, Protection and Telecommunications. 
  • completing the inclusion of the Transmission System development projects and User expansion projects to IPTO’s asset base
  • monitoring the environmental and regulatory compliance of the Operator, related to the Transmission System assets
  • monitoring the pricing policy of service provision to third parties for maintenance, acceptance and construction of electricity system infrastructures
  • renewing the technology and introducing new technologies to the power grid and the maintenance practices, through the design, coordination and review of integrated pilot plans.
  • monitoring the configuration of IPTO's infrastructure and equipment specifications and coordinating their update with new technologies and operational requirements.
  • participating in relevant national and international organizations (e.g. CIGRE, ENTSOe, IAM). It frequently takes on a coordinating role in major projects that combine different characteristics and expertise, with its experienced executives who have served in a variety of positions within IPTO.

Successes, achievements, innovations

  • AMD is coordinating a 5-year long major project of renovation and modernization of the equipment and installations of the Transmission System, with large projects across Greece that are included in the Ten-Year Network Development Plan. 
  • It has in place and is developing a modern geographic information system and equipment databases, which provide consistent information and access to different IPTO services. At the same time it has developed and launched an application for the information system’s interconnectivity, with mobile GIS, allowing maintenance crews to record and recover information in the field, contributing towards the further digitization of IPTO operations.  
  • It is modernizing procedures for analysing HETS performance indicators, with the introduction and maintenance of relevant software connected to the geographic information system and the equipment database.
  • It has introduced new technologies for real-time monitoring of operational parameters that affect the condition of the equipment to optimise maintenance and ensure reliable and efficient operation.
  • It is planning the implementation of an integrated Asset Performance Management information system, which enables informed decision-taking on the optimization of maintenance practices and the scheduling of the HETS equipment renovation and modernisation plans.   
  • It ensures that IPTO’s asset base is updated in a valid and timely manner, thus improving the regulated income for the usage of the Transmission System.



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