Market Management Department

We inform you that according to the latest information from TERNA, the HVDC link outage is prolonged until 14/07/2021.

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, a fault was found in the HVDC link between Greece and Italy. The HVDC link will be out of operation until the fault is restored.

We inform you that the Annual Interconnections Maintenance Schedule for 2021 has been published here.

We inform you that after the justified requests of the producers, the annual maintenance of units HERON CC and ELPEDISON THESS is extended until 22/11/2020.

IPTO announces that today, January 8, 2021, Greek time 15:05 (14:05 CET), a disturbance occurred in the System of South Eastern Europe (SEE), out of the Greek System. The consequence of this incident was the separation of the interconnected Transmission Systems of SEE from the Continental Europe Synchronous Area. The frequency value in Central Europe contained around 49.7 Hz while in Southeastern Europe approximately at 50.3 Hz.

We inform you that today Wednesday 14/10/2020 there will be a temporary shutdown of the Market Management System (MMS) & Authentication System from 15:00 to 18:00 due to necessary maintenance and upgrade works. The Balancing Market Management System (BMMS) will also be affected from the aforementioned maintenance works and will be unavailable at the same period of time.