• Two of the greatest challenges which IPTO is addressing at this time, is the transition to the European Target Model and the dynamic penetration of RES in the system (based on the commitments for 2030 and 2050). These two scenarios hide risks for the system, and specifically for security, reliability and how affordable electricity will be for everyone. The company is currently participating in 8 active European projects, 5 of which are directly linked to providing system flexibility and stability in the era of RES. The remaining 3 are related to system security and data protection.
  • IPTO actively supports the research conducted in Greek universities, and in cooperation with the University of Crete grants scholarships to young researchers of the School of Sciences with academic criteria and for studies related to energy and the environment. The scholarships programme was launched during academic year 2019-2020.
    Information about the award of the IPTO scholarships:
  • Financial aid to the Department of Engineering of the School of Applied Mathematics and Physical Science of the National Technical University of Athens, for the organisation of the 26th Summer School on the subject of “Dynamic Systems and Complexity” that was held in July 2019, in Athens.
  • Financial aid to the Department of Mathematics of the School of Natural Sciences of the University of Patras for the organisation of the 12th International Conference with the subject “CHAOS 2019” that was held in Chania, in June 2019.