EIC Local Issuing Office in Greece

ADMIE EIC Local Issuing Office in Greece

In order to facilitate its participation in the Greek and European Electricity market, each participant must have an Energy Identification Code (EIC), which uniquely identifies the participant in all of his transactions. ENTSO-E is the association of the European System Operators. The Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO or ADMIE) , is the authorized by ENTSO-E, EIC Local Issuing Office in Greece.

 The list of EIC codes already assigned by ADMIE is the following:

For the allocation of an EIC code, the participant must submit the following application form and  forward it to IPTO (ADMIE) via fax or mail.

For additional information, you can contact the ADMIE EIC  Issuing Office at the e-mail address eic_office@admie.gr , telephone +30210-9466801, fax +30210-4637111.

For general information on ENTSO-E Identification Coding Scheme please select ‘Energy Identification Coding Scheme’ on EDI - Libary provided by ENTSO-E :


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