The Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO or ADMIE) S.A. was established in compliance with Law 4001/2011 and European Union Directive 2009/72/EC regarding the adoption of common rules in the organization of EU electricity markets. According to Law 4001/2011 ADMIE undertakes the role of Transmission System Operator for the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System and as such performs the duties of System operation maintenance and development so as to ensure Greece’s electricity supply in a safe, efficient and reliable manner.
Although a wholly owned subsidiary of PPC S.A., ADMIE is entirely independent from its parent company in terms of its management and operation, retaining effective decision-making rights, in compliance with all relevant independence requirements of Law 4001/2011 and Directive 2009/72/EC.


29.04.2017Unit Maintenance Schedule
28.04.2017New NTC for Greece Bulgaria Border for delivery date 1st May 2017
25.04.2017Amyndeo No.2 maintenance
21.04.2017Amyndeo Νο.2 maintenance postponement
12.04.2017Megalopoli 3 maintenance
11.04.2017MARI-Project: 19 European TSOs agree to further cooperation on mFRR-platform

Press Releases

01.02.2012Launch of IPTO


Note: The actual load is a statistical representation and might not be absolutely accurate.