IT expert - IT Network / Infrastructure Engineer (1 person)

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Job Description

Design, manage, maintain and troubleshoot the Organization IT Network and Corporate Infrastructure equipment.  The Organization has a multilayered Network and Infrastructure architecture and a mixed technology environment (Microsoft / Linux, Microsoft/Oracle, VMware /Oracle). Most of the equipment is under maintenance contracts, while there is a need to expand the IT network and Infrastructure to meet the increasing business needs. All the communications (written or verbal) within and outside of the company will be in the English language.

Main Responsibilities and Duties

  • Monitor and maintain the network equipment (switches, routers, firewalls, IDS, Antispam etc.)
  • Monitor and maintain the infrastructure equipment (Servers, Storages, Tape Libraries etc.)
  • Troubleshoot first and second level alerts and issues
  • Monitor Datacenter operations
  • Address upper level issues to the relevant contractor based on the specific maintenance contracts
  • Identify maintenance contracts that have expired, or are close to expiration and initiate process to renew them
  • Identify unsupported equipment and initiate process to create a support contract
  • Accept queries and demands and meet the requests within specific time limits
  • Participate in the design of specifications for new equipment / services
  • Participate in the tender processes
  • Participate in the implementation of the projects, the acceptance tests and the acceptance of the projects in cooperation with the ICT project Manager
  • Monitor and maintain the Organization Virtual infrastructure mainly in VMware and OVM environments
  • Propose solutions in the problems that arise in the telecommunication / infrastructure area
  • Work under pressure and in tight deadlines to effectively manage the ever increasing volume of network and infrastructure devices and software

Required Qualifications/Skills

  • A Technical University Degree in Electrical / IT / Computer Engineering is mandatory
  • A postgraduate degree in IT will be highly appreciated
  • At least three years’ experience in similar work
  • Extended knowledge of networking
  • Knowledge of VMware, OVM hypervisors
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Domain (Windows Server 2016, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP etc.)
  • Knowledge of Redhat and Oracle Linux
  • Knowledge of EMC and IBM Storages
  • Certifications in the CISCO/Microsoft/Oracle/VMware/Linux areas are highly appreciated
  • Fluency in English (read/write/speaking)
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Team player and trustworthy