Updated instructions for registration

HETS Operator's Registry

Following the decision of the Regulatory Authority of Energy (RAE’s decision 1298/11.09.2020) for postponement of the go-live of the Balancing Market, until the initiation of the target model in the Greek Electricity market on the 1st of November of 2020, please be informed that:

  1. Those already registered in the Participants’ Registry shall submit guarantees for their obligations stemming from the existing Contract with IPTO. These guarantees must have a duration of 1 month, concerning invoicing that takes place or becomes due in the period from 01.10.2020 up to 31.10.2020, according to the attached template in Greek and in English.

  In the next days, Participants will receive  a new email with instructions and the exact amount of guarantees they have to submit.

  1. Those already registered in the Participants Registry shall be deemed as being temporarily registered (till the 30th of November of 2020) in the Balancing Service Providers Registry and the Balance Responsible Parties Registry under the condition that at the latest till the 27th of October 2020:
    1. IPTO has received a certificate from the Clearing House  to attest that a Clearing Account has been created for the Participant as a Direct Clearing Member or a Clearing Account for the Participant as a General Clearing Member and 
    2. guarantees have been submitted according to the new HETS Operation Code, for which approval procedures have been initiated. As soon as the new methodology for the calculation of guarantees is approved, the manual of guarantees will be published and you will receive an email including the calculated amount of guarantee and instructions on its provision.
  2. By 30th of November 2020, those temporarily registered in the HETS Operator Registry must submit a registration application in the HETS Operator Registry according to the provisions of the Technical Decision “Procedures of registration in the HETS Operator Registry”. HETS Operator shall proceed to the final registration in the HETS Operator Registry of those temporarily registered who have submitted a complete registration application by the 31st of January 2021 and shall issue a registration certificate.


More details on the registration procedure can be found in IPTO’s web site: https://www.admie.gr/en/market/participation/registration-procedures