SEE CAO PUBLIC CONSULTATION: Update of Allocation Rules

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SEE CAO, on behalf of relevant TSOs, announces the public consultation for the update of the allocation rules on borders:

  1. Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro
  3. Montenegro - Albania
  4. Albania - Greece
  5. Greece – North Macedonia
  6. Greece – Turkey
  7. Albania – Kosovo
  8. Kosovo – Montenegro
  9. Kosovo – North Macedonia

The aim of the update is further alignment with harmonised allocation rules applied on EU level. Thus, EU HAR 2022 will serve as basis for allocation procedures on abovementioned borders, while all regional specifics, derogations and exceptions will be gathered into Specific Annex. Consequently, in order to align deadlines and procedures on long-term and daily allocation timeframe, the rules for explicit daily capacity allocation are updated as well.

The documents under consultation are:

  1. Specific Annex for Bidding Zone borders serviced by SEE CAO to the Harmonised Allocation Rules for long-term transmission rights;
  2. Rules for explicit Daily Capacity Allocation on Bidding Zone borders serviced by SEE CAO;

Interested parties are invited to submit their comments to by 15th August 2022. Following the consultation, TSOs will evaluate the market participants’ comments and submit the allocation rules to the responsible NRAs.

More details to below link: