The Western Peloponnese Corridor fully operational

The trial operation of the 400 kV Transmission Line, which will upgrade the energy security of the Peloponnese and decongest the region’s saturated networks, has been successfully completed

The Western Corridor project, with which the Peloponnese is interconnected for the first time to the Ultra High Voltage System, was made fully operational by IPTO after the successful completion of the trial period.

The Operator delivered the new Transmission Line in the fastest possible time, despite the significant obstacles encountered during its construction.

Aimed at protecting the energy security of the residents of the Peloponnese, IPTO made every possible effort from the onset to unblock this important project, by making sure that the planning and implementation of an alternative route of the new Line to Kalavryta matures and advances in the shortest possible time.

In order to achieve this, it had to repeat a number of complex and time-consuming procedures (authorisations, expropriations, studies, construction of the new road). In addition, in the adverse economic situation that followed, mainly due to the pandemic, the Operator incurred the increased costs caused by the forced delay of the project, without affecting the implementation of its ten-year investment program.

The new 400 kV Megalopolis-Patras-Western Central Greece Transmission Line is a particularly important infrastructure for the safe electrification of the Peloponnese, which will decongest the region’s saturated networks and create a strong supply corridor to and from the rest of mainland Greece, through the High Voltage Centres of Acheloos and Distomo.

The Western Corridor will give local thermal power plants (natural gas or lignite) the ability to operate up to their maximum capacity, thus contributing to the stability of the System and the more efficient operation of the Balancing Market.

Another important benefit of the project is that the new 400 kV Transmission Line will further strengthen the existing electricity interconnection between Crete and Laconia.

The Western Corridor project consists of overhead and underground Transmission Lines and also includes the first underwater 400 kV Ultra High Voltage cable installed between Rio and Antirio. So far, the connection of the Peloponnese with the rest of the System was made exclusively using 150 kV lines, which therefore meant a reduced transmission capacity.

The expansion and upgrade of the 400 kV System in the Peloponnese will be completed with the Eastern Corridor that includes the interconnection of Megalopolis with Corinth and Attica, which is planned for 2025.

The two projects will drastically increase the power transmission capacity to and from the Peloponnese, overall upgrading the operation and safety of the Southern System, with a direct positive impact on the local economy and the wider society.