Visit to Tinos for the construction of High Voltage Substation

In 2024, when the High Voltage Substation will be completed, Tinos will be interconnected with the mainland system.

The Management of the Independent Power Transmission Operator visited Tinos on Monday, May 31, 2021, in view of the construction of a High Voltage Substation that will mark the integration of the island in the national interconnected system.

The Chairman and CEO, Mr. Manos Manousakis, the Deputy Chairman Mr. Ioannis Margaris and the Director of Transmission New Projects Department, Mr. Konstantinos Tsirekis were welcomed by the Mayor of Tinos, Mr. Ioannis Siotos. IPTO Management and the Mayor carried out an autopsy at the spot that has been deemed as the most suitable for the positioning of the Substation, which is located in the inaccessible northern part of the island, opposite Andros, near the existing Terminal at "Steno".

The visit took place following a recent teleconference between the two bodies on the intensification of their cooperation. IPTO has already received the positive opinion of the Archaeological Service, which paves the way for environmental licensing. In total, the licensing procedures are expected to be completed in spring 2022 so that the relevant tenders can be announced during the summer.

The Management of IPTO informed the Mayor extensively about the benefits of the project for the residents and visitors of the island from 2024, when Tinos will be fully interconnected with the mainland system. The energy supply of the Cyclades island will be fully shielded, as it will be electrified via two independent submarine cables between Andros-Tinos and Tinos-Syros.

The Mayor assured the Administration of the Operator that the Municipality of Tinos will be assisting the important infrastructure project, under the necessary condition of ensuring the environmental and aesthetic considerations of the island’s residents. Both sides expressed their satisfaction for the deepening of their cooperation, aiming for the fastest and most efficient completion of the High Voltage Substation that will contribute substantially to the energy stability of Tinos.