Trilateral agreement for the high voltage interconnection of Skiathos

Skiathos Interconnection

The Interconnection of Skiathos to the High Voltage System is officially launched into implementation, after the signing of the contract for the GIS Substation to be built on the island, between IPTO, HEDNO and contracting company ABB.

The trilater agreement, amounting to 9.5 million euro, was signed on 28 May 2020, at the headquarters of the Independent Power Transmission Operator. This is the first electrical interconnection project to be awarded through a tender process carried out jointly by both Operators. 

The submarine interconnection between Skiathos and Mantoudi, Evia, of a total EUR 52.3 million budget, is expected to be completed by 2021. The cable part, the contract for which was signed in February with Hellenic Cables, is already in the construction phase. Thanks to the new 150 kV line, the power supply of the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos will be stabilised and secured, also during the more demanding summer months.

Mr Manos Manousakis, IPTO Chairman and CEO, noted on the subject: “IPTO's investment program is running without interruption, aiming at the electrification of all of Greece’s islands by 2029. Skiathos is included in the first phase of implementation of our 10-year programme, and its interconnection to the National Electricity Transmission System is expected in less than two years. Another island group, the Sporades, will be supplied from the mainland system, with stability and reliability especially during the summer months”.

Mr Anastasios Manos, CEO of HEDNO, stated: “HEDNO sets as its strategic priority the upgrade of the infrastructures on all islands. Our mid-term goal, by reinforcing infrastructures, is for our islands to become a model at a European level for the effective and efficient operation of large interconnected electricity systems, with a very high RES penetration and the incorporation of environmentally friendly technologies.”

Mr Kostas Papadopoulos, Chairman and CEO of ABB Power Grids, highlighted: “Implementation of the closed GIS Substation on the island of Skiathos by ABB Power Grids is further assurance for IPTO and HEDNO, since the local community will be supplied with electricity through highly reliable technological equipment, as proven from similar project operating on the Greek Grid during the past two decades.”