Sustainable development at the core of IPTO Group strategy

A comprehensive review of the Group's performance in 2020 regarding sustainable development

For a second consecutive year, IPTO Group publishes the annual Sustainability Report. This year’s Report, for reference year 2020, is a comprehensive review of the Group's performance in terms of sustainable development, on the basis of the society and the environment.

Despite the challenges of health and climate crisis, IPTO ensures business continuity across all its activities. In 2020 the Operator achieved significant milestones for the development of the Transmission System by contracting and completing critical power transmission infrastructure, as well as, through the maturation of the electricity market, with the successful launch and operation of the Target Model. Today, IPTO’s new sustainable development strategy and inclusion in the newly established ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) index of the Athens Stock Exchange, reflects the Group's commitment to sustainability goals, as defined by the United Nations.

The continuous enhancement of transparency as regards data disclosure on sustainable development issues, is a key priority for the Operator. For this reason, the new Report includes -on a voluntary basis- additional indicators of the GRI Standards and incorporates for the first time selected indicators of the SASB Standards, concerning the performance of the Group, with respect to corporate governance and operation.

IPTO’s Chairman and CEO, Manos Manousakis, stated: “Our vision is the development of robust infrastructure and the shielding of the country's power grid in the midst of energy transition, digital transformation and climate crisis. As part of this effort, it is crucial to keep an open line of communication with our social partners. We operate with responsibility and respect for the people, the environment and the local communities in the areas where we develop our projects. With a high sense of responsibility, we consistently stand by our fellow citizens who suffer the consequences of the pandemic and natural disasters. By adopting the principles of sustainable development throughout the range of our activities, we create value for shareholders, consumers and society as a whole".

The Sustainability Report 2020 is available here: https://www.admie.gr/sites/default/files/attached-files/type-file/2021/11/ADMIE_CSR2020_ENG.pdf