Sustainability at the heart of IPTO Group’s growth strategy

The Annual Sustainability Report for 2019.

IPTO Group implements its investment program, committed to the principles of sustainable development that respects society and the environment, as reflected in the Sustainable Development Annual Report for 2019.

The development of the National Power Transmission System is inextricably connected to the objectives of the National Energy and Climate Plan and aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Through an investment program worth 5 billion euros, over a period of ten years, the Operator promotes the environmental upgrade of the islands through the electrical interconnections that result in the "switch off" of polluting power plants and ensure stable electricity supply for households and businesses. In economic terms, with the gradual interconnection of all Aegean islands by 2029, energy consumers will save hundreds of millions of euros, paid through SGI fees.

In addition, across the spectrum of its activity, IPTO prioritizes open, efficient and two-way communication with its social partners, on a level of local communities, institutions and the market. The Sustainable Development Report contributes to this dialogue, by further enhancing the degree of cooperation, transparency and accountability. The Report complies with the highest standards of disclosure of sustainable development data and has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the "Core Option" of the GRI Standards. Moreover, the Report has received external certification from an independent body regarding the accuracy of the data provided and the fulfilment of the GRI Standards’ requirements.

Mr. Manos Manousakis, President and CEO of IPTO, commented: "Our priority is to act responsibly and respectfully towards both our fellow humans and the natural environment; with care for the Health and Safety of our employees and in constructive cooperation with local communities, where we have a presence. Especially in the current context of the pandemic crisis, the Operator remains firmly on the side of the society and our fellow citizens who are suffering from the disease, supporting the National Health System with donations exceeding 1.3 million euros to date. Our vision is for IPTO to signify with its work the modernization of both the country’s energy landscape and the companies that are under public control. We connect our islands in a safe and clean manner, also connecting the whole country with electricity and telecommunications. We connect today in Greece with the future."


The Sustainable Development Report is available at: https://www.admie.gr/sites/default/files/inline-files/report_admie_web.pdf