Successful power supply to Crete through IPTO's new interconnection

The first minutes of July 3rd power supply from the HETS to Crete island commenced for the first time.

The Independent Power Transmission Operator announces that in the first minutes of July 3rd, at 00.09, power supply from the Hellenic Electricity Transmission System to Crete island commenced for the first time, through the newly completed Crete-Peloponnese interconnection.

The transfer of electrical loads through the new High Voltage subsea cable is expected to contribute to the restabilization of Crete’s System after the reduction in the island's power generation. Specialized staff of IPTO travelled promptly to Crete where they collaborated closely with the local staff of HEDNO in order to enable the quickest and safest possible energy flow to the largest island in the country.

The Chairman & CEO of IPTO, Manos Manousakis, stated in this regard: "Despite the difficult conditions of this venture, given the shortage of electrical loads in Crete and the high electricity demand on the mainland over the recent days, Crete-Peloponnese interconnection was launched successfully by the Operator’s staff. We are proud as the new interconnection implemented by IPTO will substantially contribute to the improvement of Crete’s residents and visitors’ life quality, ensuring stable, cheap and green power supply".

The project, with a total cost of 380 million euros, was implemented with the co-funding of Greece and the European Union.