Successful coupling of the intraday energy market with Italy and Slovenia

Another milestone towards the integration of the European energy market has been achieved

The Independent Power Transmission Operator announces the successful coupling of the intraday electricity market of Greece with the markets of Italy and Slovenia, on September, 22.

The completion of the first three Complementary Regional Intraday Auctions (CRIDAs) on the Greek-Italian and Italian-Slovenian borders marks another milestone in the integration of the European electricity market, following the coupling of the Day Ahead Market of Greece and Italy on December 15, 2020.

The coupled operation of the intraday market is the result of intensive collaboration between the Operators of Greece (IPTO), Italy (TERNA) and Slovenia (ELES), as well as the energy exchanges of these countries (ENEX, GME and BSP, respectively), in line with the European Regulation CACM (Capacity Allocation & Congestion Management).

These auctions, which will henceforth be conducted on a daily basis, are expected to enhance the liquidity of the intraday market and provide additional position correction tools to participants of the Greek electricity market.

The next milestone in the convergence of the domestic with the neighboring electricity markets is the launch of the continuous intraday market (XBID), on the Greek-Italian and Greek-Bulgarian borders in 2022.