"SEleNe CC" Regional energy center in commercial operation

From July 1st, 2021 SEleNe CC provides consulting services to its Operators-shareholders in order to coordinate the area’s Transmission Systems.

The Independent Power Transmission Operator announces the launch of the commercial operation of SE Europe’s Regional Energy Control Center "SEleNe CC". From July 1st, 2021 SEleNe CC provides consulting services to its Operators-shareholders, in order to coordinate and unitedly operate the area’s Transmission Systems.

The new Regional Center based in Thessaloniki provides services aimed at:

  • The development of a common network model
  • The coordination of Operational Security
  • The coordinated calculation of interconnections’ capacity
  • The coordination of maintenance planning
  • The evaluation of the short-term efficiency of the region’s Transmission System

SEleNe CC was introduced last summer by the System Operators of Greece (IPTO), Bulgaria (ESO-EAD), Italy (Terna) and Romania (Transelectrica) and is one of the six Regional Security Coordinators currently operating on the European continent. Its operation is an important step for the region’s alignment with EU's 3rd policy package. In the framework of the Clean Energy Package (CEP), in July 2022, SEleNe CC will be transformed into a Regional Coordination Center (RCC) with increased responsibilities and jurisdictions. The necessary preparations for this transition have already begun.

The Chairman & CEO of IPTO, Mr. Manos Manousakis, stated in this regard: "With the establishment of the Regional Energy Center in Thessaloniki we achieve optimization of network security in SE Europe, exchange of know-how between Operators to effectively address technical challenges and attunement of neighboring countries outside the EU with the European institutional framework. ‘SEleNe CC’ will enhance the operation efficiency of the electricity market in the region and will contribute to its faster and more effective integration on a European and regional level."