Monthly Energy Report: Transparent information from IPTO on the electricity market

The Monthly Energy Report has been fully redesigned in order to respond in the best possible way to the increased information needs of the public

With the fully renewed Monthly Energy Report, the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) continues to inform citizens transparently and reliably about the most important issues of the electricity market. 

The Monthly Energy Report, which has been redesigned since the January 2022 issue, is IPTO’s established information publication, which captures the full picture of the Operator’s electricity generation, demand and interconnection programs, listing statistics and detailed information at the end of each month.  

This monthly informative overview of the Energy Industry is directly accessible to all interested parties as it is posted on the Operator’s website, reflecting its commitment to open and transparent information to society as a whole.  

The aim of the renewal of the Monthly Energy Report, both in terms of its content and visual design, was for the Operator to respond in the best possible way to the increased information needs of the public

Through the Monthly Energy Report, IPTO briefs the public in a simple and understandable way about:

  • the electricity balance in the interconnected System, showing the energy mix of production and demand, as well as the balance of energy flows in the interconnections.
  • the energy demand, where the overall demand figures and their analysis by consumer category, the hours of maximum and minimum demand, the load curves as well as the changes in demand compared to previous periods are presented. Moreover, the new edition of the Report has been enriched with information on supply shares per trend level.
  • energy production, showing the energy mix of production, the shares of installed capacity and production per participant and technology. In the updated version, there is more detailed information on the geographical distribution of conventional production by region as well as the RES System production.
  • the interconnections, where commercial programs and natural energy flows in the interconnections, as well as the evolution of the relevant figures over time, are presented and analyzed.