IPTO undertakes the restoration and reforestation of Dionysos Municipality

The Operator stands by the fire-affected Dionysos Municipality

The Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) supports the fire-affected Dionysos Municipality, funding the restoration and reforestation of burnt forest areas with 600,000 euros.
The approval of the contract by the Ministry of Environment and Energy paves the way for the restoration of woodlands as well as the implementation of anti-corrosion and flood defense works in the area of Kryoneri, which are necessary in view of the winter season.
Through projects that actively contribute to the healing of Northeastern Attica, the Operator increases the total fundings allocated to Corporate Social Responsibility actions in 2021, to 1.2 million euros.
The Chairman and CEO of IPTO, Mr. Manos Manousakis, stated: “The Operator bolsters the national effort to restore the natural wealth the country lost during last summer’s wildfires, which threatened the ‘heart’ of our energy system, in Kryoneri. In this context, we undertook the initiative for the reforestation and flood protection of the burnt areas of Dionysos Municipality. Along with the modernization of the Transmission System aiming to tackle the climate threat, IPTO stands by all those who are affected by the consequences of the unprecedented ecological disaster”.