IPTO signed the new three-year collective labour agreement

The new CLA, is fully aligned with the standards and principles of the modern work environment

The new three-year Collective Labour Agreement (2021-2024) was signed today, April 28th 2021, for the staff of the Independent Power Transmission Operator. The CLA was signed by the Chairman & CEO of IPTO, Mr. Manos Manousakis and the Management of GENOP/DEI (General Federation of Employees/Public Power Corporation-Section of Electric Energy), which was represented by the President, Mr. Giorgos Adamidis and the General Secretary, Mr. Antonis Karras.

The new CLA, is fully aligned with the standards and principles that govern the modern work environment and resolves outstanding issues of previous years while incorporating adjustments and improvements that extend to the entire range of the Operator’s employees.

Indicatively, the new CLA:

  • Secures the continuation of the Group Health and Life Insurance Scheme for all employees
  • Regulates the institution of remote work by ensuring the entirety of labour rights included in the IPTO’s Code of Conduct and the Collective Labour Agreements.
  • Ensures the amount of food allowance

The Chairman and CEO of IPTO, Mr. Manos Manousakis stated: "Our main interest is to ensure a working environment that will be governed by peace of mind and reciprocity. In good cooperation with GENOP/DEI we have prepared a fair, modern CLA that improves working conditions for our staff and ensures the smooth performance of the Operator in order to be able to cope with its demanding mission".

The President of GENOP/DEI, Mr. Giorgos Adamidis said: "I would like to thank the Management of IPTO for its constructive stance throughout the negotiations and the process that ended today with the signing of the new CLA. The new Agreement is another achievement of the workers and the Union, since it is a product of collective effort and assertion, without expediencies and tactics, without barren and destructive confrontations. The new contract resolves issues of the past and addresses new ones. Although not all problems are solved, the "sum total" is positive and GENOP/Section of Electric Energy along with its Member Associations, through specific procedures and exhaustive dialogue will continue to work until their final settlement. The new CLA really guarantees the rights of workers and contributes decisively towards labour peace. Finally, given that the signing of the CLA takes place during the holy days of the Easter, I sincerely hope that the Resurrection of the Godman will bring freedom from the bonds of the pandemic, throughout the world".