IPTO launched the upgraded Aktion-Preveza electrical interconnection

The project was delivered a year ahead of schedule

A major project to strengthen the Transmission System in Western Greece was completed by IPTO, as yesterday the upgraded underwater and underground High Voltage 150 kV cable line connecting Aktio with Preveza successfully became fully operational.

In order to strengthen the safe electrification of the area, the Operator accelerated the implementation of the specific project by one year, proceeding in time to replace the obsolete electrical interconnection that had been operating continuously for at least three decades, electrifying the Industrial Area of Preveza through the Aktio Substation.

The EUR 6.2 million project is expected to further improve the stability of the System, enhance the security of supply to consumers and increase the electricity transmission capacity in Western Greece and the Ionian Islands.

A 150 kV AC three-pole copper cable with a carrying capacity of 200 MVA was used for the interconnection upgrade. The underwater and underground cable sections, with a combined length of approximately 7 km, also have integrated optical fibres ensuring remote control and the necessary communication with the Energy Control Centres throughout Greece.

It is noted that new technology equipment was used for the entire project, offering increased reliability, greater resistance to various operating conditions and a reduced environmental footprint.

The Chairman and CEO of IPTO, Mr. Manos Manousakis said: “At IPTO, we continue with our investment program to consistently support the country’s energy transformation, developing and constantly streamlining the Transmission System. The upgrade of the Aktion-Preveza interconnection is part of a series of projects that we will complete as quickly as possible within the next five years, shielding the most critical electrical infrastructures in Western Greece and the Ionian Islands".