IPTO donates €250,000 worth of equipment to COVID-19 clinics of AHEPA hospital

IPTO actively supports public hospitals.

With a donation amounting to 250,000 euros, IPTO supports the University General Hospital of Thessaloniki “AHEPA”, supporting in practice National Healthcare System during the spike of the pandemic.

After consultation with the Management of “AHEPA”, which is under suffocating pressure owing to the rapid deterioration of epidemiological data in Northern Greece, IPTO has already implemented the procurement of:

- Functional MRI imaging system for patients admitted to ICU,

- Fifty vital parameter monitoring devices for patients admitted to the ICU,

- Ventilation system for the Emergency Department and the Microbiology Laboratory,

- Standard and ICU hospital beds.

Mr. Kostis Hatzidakis, Minister for Energy and Environment, stated:

“Companies from the energy sector backed public healthcare system decisively during the first wave of the pandemic. They continue to do so now with donations contributing to the fight against this health crisis. I congratulate IPTO on its new initiative”.

Mr. Manos Manousakis, President and CEO of IPTO, commented in this regard:

“From the first moment of the pandemic, last Spring, IPTO proved that it doesn’t stay inactive, proceeding to donations of 1 million euros to the National Healthcare System. Today, it remains on the side of our fellow human beings that suffer from the disease, especially in Northern Greece, where the situation is even more severe. As a profitable company, the Operator deems it appropriate to share part of its profits with society, particularly under these circumstances, which seriously compromise public health.”