IPTO completed the Skiathos-Evia electrical interconnection

Quality electricity supply for Skiathos and the northern Sporades

Skiathos enjoys a stable and reliable electricity supply from the National Electricity Transmission System as from Monday, 11July, IPTO put into operation the electrical interconnection of the island via Evia. The new Mantoudi Evia-Skiathos Transmission Line as well as the new, state-of-the-art Skiathos Substation are already successfully transporting the first electric loads to the island, contributing to the increased demand of the tourist season both for Skiathos and for the northern Sporades as a whole.

“We welcome Skiathos to the family of interconnected islands. IPTO has successfully completed another landmark project for the National Transmission System that was contracted in the midst of a pandemic, built under extremely difficult conditions, and thanks to the hard work of our employees, it was electrified on time. With the tourist traffic being expected to reach its peak over the next period, the new interconnection is ready to offer quality electricity to Skiathos and the neighbouring islands”, said the Chairman and CEO of IPTO, Mr. Manos Manousakis.

The Skiathos-Evia electrical interconnection is a project of high technical requirements implemented by the Operator as part of an investment of EUR 57 million. On the Skiathos side, the interconnection includes a state-of-the-art 150 kV closed-type technology (GIS) Substation, while the High Voltage cables installed on the island are fully underground with the aim of minimizing environmental and visual nuisance. 

A unique feature of this particular project is that the submarine cable is buried throughout its 29 km long subsea route, at depths of up to 300 m, ensuring its protection from external factors. On the Evia side, IPTO upgraded the existing Mantoudi Substation, while constructing 30 km of new overhead transmission line. 

The new cable connection of Skiathos with the mainland High Voltage system will guarantee the power supply of the island complex of the Northern Sporades in all operating conditions, minimizing the risk of loss of electrical power in cases of severe weather or increased demand.