IPTO and SUNLIGHT: Strategic cooperation for the future of energy storage in Greece

Cooperation agreement for the installation of a pilot storage station at IPTO’s Substation in Thebes.

IPTO and SUNLIGHT, a member of Olympia Group, announce the signing of their cooperation agreement for the installation of a pilot storage station at IPTO’s Substation in Thebes.

With an overall capacity of 20 MW and storage capacity amounting to 20 MWh, the new facility aims to upgrade the efficiency of the Transmission System on a local level as well as enhance its capacity for the integration of new RES stations, without the necessity for the construction of a new 150 kV Transmission Line. Thebes’ High Voltage Substation has been selected as the location for the installation of the pilot unit, given that the regional unit of Boeotia is characterized by a large installed capacity, of both thermal and RES plants.

International technological advancements have highlighted the pivotal role that storage systems can play, as their integration into the electrical system offers multiple benefits in terms of system operation and environmental footprint. The solution of energy storage systems’ installation has been utilized internationally by a large number of Operators as a means to meet the needs of increasing grids’ transmission capacity in their countries.

Mr. Manos Manousakis, President & CEO of IPTO, stated in this regard: "With two pilot energy storage projects implemented by IPTO in Naxos and Thebes, we aspire to contribute concretely to the transition towards a cleaner energy mix that will maximize the usage of stochastic sources of electricity. Storage stations can be a useful tool in the Transmission System, as they contribute to the flexibility and more efficient utilization of the System, especially in conditions of high RES penetration".

Mr. Lampros Bisalas, CEO of SUNLIGHT, commented: “This project is in line with our central strategy to play a key role in the fields of energy storage and management and support the communities where we operate, in order to use more green energy. With a primary focus on new technologies and responding to the increased needs of our country and our customers around the globe, we have systems that can not only provide reliable on demand energy, but also exceptional technological achievements such as remote real time management and system restoration. These advanced management systems make Sunlight a technology leader worldwide”.