Grid Telecom-Vodafone Greece: Agreement for optical network's mutual utilization

IPTO's subsidiary strengthens its presence in the local telecommunications market.

Grid Telecom and Vodafone Greece announce the signing of a 20-year framework agreement on the mutual exchange and concession of use of the fiber optic networks of the two companies. The agreement will allow both parties to utilize more extensively parts of the backbone network in order to offer even more options to their customers and support new investments in digital infrastructure.

For Grid Telecom, the new partnership is yet another crucial step towards the optimal utilization of the broadband infrastructure, which the company develops through the Transmission System. According to its planning, IPTO’s 100% subsidiary, in 2021 is proceeding to the provision of ultra-high capacity services between large urban centers of the country, via the DWDM telecommunications network, which it develops.

For Vodafone Greece, the access to Grid Telecom’s network will accelerate the implementation of its new investment program amounting to 600 million euros, which includes the creation of modern digital services and infrastructure throughout Greece, with new generation networks such as 5G, FTTH and two submarine cables in the Aegean and the Ionian, respectively.

George Psyrris, Director of Grid Telecom, stated in this regard: "The agreement signed with Vodafone Greece further strengthens the position of Grid Telecom in the domestic wholesale telecommunications market. The Company's fiber optic network currently exceeds 4,000 km and is expected to double in the coming years along with the expansion of electrical interconnections implemented by IPTO on the mainland and -mainly- to the Greek islands. Focused on its business planning, Grid Telecom is building a reliable, high-availability backbone network that will actively contribute to the country's digital transformation".

Nicolae Vilceanu, Network Manager of Vodafone Greece, stated: “Our agreement with Grid Telecom helps us to make even better use of the investments we have made, but also to utilize a new network, which will allow us to accelerate our investment program and offer even better services to our customers. We innovate by implementing openness policies and promoting 'smart' solutions, which contribute to the development of Greece's digital economy and lead to significant environmental saving".