Emergency measures for the shielding of the Power Transmission System

Immediate actions after the incident at Koumoundourou EHVC.

IPTO announces that it has set in motion an immediate action plan for the shielding of the Power Transmission System, following the serious incident of February 7 and in view of the poor weather conditions expected in the country over the following days.

These measures are of an emergency nature, as they are taken due to the System’s weakening after the failure of the autotransformer in Koumoundourou EHVC.

They are, however, short-term as in the next period the Operator is expected to receive 10 new autotransformers, under the Asset Renovation Plan, which will upgrade and reinforce the infrastructure of High Voltage Centers, including those in Attica region.

More specifically, the Operator is taking the following immediate measures:

  • Coordinated action with HEDNO for the redistribution of loads from Koumoundourou EHVC to other close-by EHVCs (Acharnon EHVC, Agios Stefanos EHVC), aiming to decongest Koumoundourou EHVC and utilize more widely, alternative power supply routes for the consumers.
  • Suspension of maintenance works to ensure availability of all production units. IPTO has asked producers for increased diligence regarding the operation of their units in order to respond promptly and sufficiently to the System’s operational needs, in line with the existing regulatory framework.
  • Mandatory production in the greater regions of Peloponnese and Sterea, for the operation of production units: Megalopoli 5, Megalopoli 4 and the hydroelectric power plants of Ladonas and Kastraki, owned by PPC, the thermal power plant of Korinthos Power in Agioi Theodoroi and HERON-I of HERON THERMOELECTRICS.
  • Coordinated action with DESFA to ensure quantities of natural gas in order to cover the continuous and high production of natural gas units.
  • Reprogramming and rearrangement of all IPTO construction and maintenance crews -in accordance with the new emergency priorities- which are in full readiness with the aim of direct intervention and response to incidents.