Dynamic entry into the electric vehicle charging market with Grid Charge

GRID Charge will be active in the field of ultra-fast charging by installing state-of-the-art chargers in selected sites throughout Greece

IPTO is dynamically entering the electric vehicle charging sector with GRID Charge, the new business unit of the Group’s subsidiary company, GRID Telecom, in the electrification industry.

Through GRID Charge, IPTO Group is investing in the development of an extensive and powerful electric vehicle charging network, which will speed-up the penetration of electric mobility in the Greek market, contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint in transport.

GRID Charge will be active in the ultra-rapid charging sector by installing state-of-the-art chargers (Superchargers DC, Ultra-rapid DC chargers) at selected sites throughout Greece, which are certified according to the highest international quality and safety standards. The new state-of-the-art fast chargers will have an output power of up to 360 kW to easily and quickly serve light and heavy-duty vehicles on the national highway network and at city entry-exit junctions.

At the same time, GRID Charge will proceed with the creation of a conventional alternating current charging network (Fast AC chargers) for the city centre (shops, parking lots, gas stations, etc.), as well as for remote sites with lower traffic.

Having secured European funding of 6 million euros, GRID Telecom, being the beneficiary and coordinator of the EXPAND-E Cohesion action of the European financing mechanism Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), will participate in the development of the largest network of fast chargers on a pan-European level, with more than 2,100 charging stations, in collaboration with major European charging point operators (CPOs).

“With the creation of Grid Charge, IPTO Group continues to expand its business activities and enters the fast-growing electric vehicle charging sector, actively contributing to the energy transition through the development of electric mobility in our country, as well. IPTO transformation into a Group of Companies that generates value from all of its infrastructures and makes full use of their know-how and financial capabilities, is a top strategic priority for the Operator”, said the Chairman and CEO of IPTO, Mr. Manos Manousakis.

“Grid Charge creates a strong comparative advantage for the IPTO Group and lays the foundations for our strong presence in the electric mobility market. Grid Charge is ready to bring to Greece a reliable electric vehicle charging network and introduce innovative technologies to the market, for the benefit of consumers and the environment”, said the General Director of Business Development and Digital Transformation of IPTO, Mr. Konstantinos Agathakis.