Crete's state-of-the-art STATCOM System starts operation

The new installation ensures the stable operation of Crete’s System.

The state-of-the-art STATCOM system at “Heraklion III” Substation in Crete is completed successfully by the Independent Power Transmission Operator. It is the first STATCOM installation in the National Power Transmission System, which enables the control and dynamic voltage regulation of Crete’s System.

The operational tests of the static synchronous compensator system (STATCOM) were completed on April 20, 2021 in collaboration with HEDNO. The new installation ensures the stable operation of Crete’s System, allowing the shutdown of obsolete and polluting local power plants as soon as the island is fully interconnected to the continental system.

The STATCOM in Heraklion is a part of Crete-Peloponnese electrical interconnection project and is co-financed by national and community resources.

The President and CEO of IPTO, Mr. Manos Manousakis stated in this regard: “With the construction and operation of STATCOM in Heraklion, Crete, IPTO achieved yet another milestone towards the lift of the island’s energy isolation. In the immediate future, the construction of Crete-Peloponnese electrical interconnection is expected to be completed and enter trial operation. The Operator remains committed to the projects aiming to shield and upgrade technologically the power system throughout the country”.