Cooperation between Tinos Municipality and IPTO for the construction of High Voltage substation

High Voltage substation (150 kV) in Tinos will ensure greater energy stability and efficiency on the Cyclades island.

Independent Power Transmission Operator and the Municipality of Tinos announce the intensification of their cooperation towards the construction of a High Voltage substation (150 kV) in Tinos that will ensure greater energy stability and efficiency on the Cyclades island. In this context, a teleconference was held between the Mayor of Tinos, Ioannis Siotos and the Management of IPTO, represented by the Deputy Chairman, Mr. Ioannis Margaris and the Director of Transmission New Projects Department, Mr. Konstantinos Tsirekis.

The project, with an estimated budget of 13 million euros, is expected to be completed within the second half of 2024. IPTO has already received the positive opinion of the Archaeological Service, which paves the way for environmental licensing and other licensing procedures, which are expected to be completed by Spring 2022. Along with the construction of the Substation, a 2-km cable line will be also constructed, which will be underground for its entire length on the island.

The Deputy Chairman of IPTO, Mr. Ioannis Margaris stated: "It is with great pleasure that we informed the Mayor of Tinos about the next actions regarding the implementation of the High Voltage Substation, which have already begun, in terms of design and licensing. IPTO implements electrical interconnections on ten islands of the Cyclades, with five of them already being connected to the mainland system. The 150 kV Substations are closed GIS and incorporate state-of-the-art technologies with the aim of minimizing environmental and visual disturbance wherever they are installed. IPTO is in open dialogue and continuous cooperation with the local communities where it implements its projects with care for the maximum visual harmony with the distinct Cycladic landscape, with a typical example being Naxos Substation".

The Mayor of Tinos, Ioannis Siotos, stated in this regard: “We had a very interesting and productive teleconference with the Management of IPTO regarding the launch of the procedures for the construction of the new IPTO substation in Tinos. As we have been informed, the Operator has included the project in its investment program and has secured the necessary funding. After thanking the representatives of IPTO for this development, I pointed out the need for the construction to be aligned to the island’s landscape, to avoid noise nuisances and to be connected with underground cables. It is clear that, in this way, a final solution will be ensured for the uninterrupted electricity supply of our island."