Invitation for registration in the Dispatchable Load Portfolio Registry

HETS Operator's Registry

Following the publication of the updated Technical Decision “Procedures of registration in the HETS Operator Registry” please be informed that all interested parties, natural or legal persons holding a Demand Response Aggregator license, can submit a registration application for the Dispatchable Load Portfolio Registry.

The Dispatchable Load Portfolio Registry includes Dispatchable Load Portfolios that have successfully completed the relevant pre-qualification tests. In order for a demand response portfolio to have pre-qualification testing status and to participate in the Balancing Market System tests, preregistration with the Dispatchable Load Portfolio Registry is required.

Interested parties that are not already registered in the Balancing Service Providers Registry (BSP) and in the Balance Responsible Parties Registry (BRP) with the attribute of Demand Response Aggregator or as a Consumer providing demand response services and not represented by a Demand Response Aggregator, should apply for their registration in the BRP and BSP Registries as well, according to the relevant technical decision.

You can find more details concerning the registration procedure in IPTO’s website, in the following links:

or you can send an e-mail to: MarketRegistry@admie.gr.