Legal and Regulatory Issues Department (LRID)


The LRID plays a supporting role, both towards IPTO’s Management and to all other Departments.

The LRID contributes in protecting the company’s rights in the full scope of its operations. At the same time, it guarantees compliance of the company's activities with the obligations imposed in each case by the applicable - legal and regulatory, national, European and international - institutional framework.   Finally, it represents the company and ensures its lawful rights before courts, institutions and authorities in Greece and abroad. 


The main mission of the LRID is to safeguard and guarantee all types of IPTO’s rights and interests, of course, to ensure the legality of the decision-making process. Thus, this Department is instrumental in all Company operations, guaranteeing the compatibility of its choices by coordinating and monitoring all company activities.


Specifically, the Legal and Regulatory Issues Department (LRID), in the context of its mission, is called upon to discharge, among others, the following specific duties: 

  1. Provision of legal advise and opinions on legal matters connected with IPTO's strategic choices, its requirements and contractual obligations towards third parties, its operation as a company, the regulatory framework, as well as labour, supplies, public contract issues, etc. 
  2. Provision of specialised legal support to all IPTO Departments, recommendation of options for handling each case and issuance of opinions and legal notes. 
  3. Extrajudicial or judicial protection of property and the general rights in rem of IPTO, enforcement of the mandatory expropriations procedures in favour of IPTO, drafting of property purchase/sale/lease contracts and establishment of easements and the sound and profitable management and development of the company's real estate property. 
  4. Support of IPTO’s interests and its representation before courts or other judicial institutions, and before the Greek authorities, drafting of legal documents and administrative appeals and conduct of the necessary negotiations for reaching out-of court settlements. 
  5. Processing of drafts of public and private contracts prepared by the co-competent Departments of IPTO. 
  6. Monitoring of developments and amendments to the Greek, European and international laws and case law, including the regulatory framework, review of their impact on the operations and obligations of IPTO and respectively briefing the competent Departments. 
  7. Contribution in risk management, monitoring and control of its implementation. 
  8. Monitoring of international regulatory practices and trends, development of strategy for approaching and managing regulatory matters and coordinating the relevant communication with the competent bodies and agencies. 
  9. Coordination of involved Departments and responsibility for drafting and timely submission of scheduled and unscheduled reports, as required by the regulator framework in force (RAE, EU, State authorities,e tc). 
  10. Contribution in drafting and updating or amending regulatory texts connected to the nature of the company as a TSO, and obtaining RAE’s approval. 
  11. Processing and legal inspection of drafts of Contracts for User Connection to the System drafted by the competent Department.


The LRID, thanks to its internal organisation, cohesion and proper allocation of its work and variable responsibilities, has been successfully in:

  • continuously assisting and promptly and thoroughly addressing all types of needs of the company; 
  • effectively supporting other Departments on any legal matter that may arise and 
  • passing on the necessary knowledge to each competent Department.

The LRID has selected as its organisational structure the creation of small and versatile work groups, including in them, in addition to its own personnel, also members of other Departments, and assigning these groups with specific work and responsibilities in each case. 

The LRID always has and continues to this day to substantially contribute in formulating the institutional framework for the electricity market and the operation of IPTO within it, and the Operator’s compliance with the applicable rules of law in each case (with recommendations to RAE, Ministry of Energy, Codes, Policies, participation in consultations, recommendations to BoD and TSO, etc.). Furthermore, the LRID unfailingly supports the Company in attaining its objectives and the further growth of its operations at national and international level, actively participating in the establishment and legal framework of both its subsidiaries and third companies related to the Operator’s activity and statutory purpose, and analysing, assessing and managing relations with major shareholders. 

The standing aim of LRID, in addition to continuing to produce impeccable and rapidly executed legal work, is the continuing and constantly expanding growth of the knowledge base of its members, so they can meet the increased demands of the modern, constantly changing legal and regulatory framework.


1 Konstantinoupoleos & Kifissou Ave   GR 121 32  Peristeri 

Tel  +30 210 5192812 

Fax  +30 210 5192286