Health & safety of workers 

Recognizing the importance of protecting the health of its workers, IPTO has developed a Policy for Health and Safety in the workplace since 2018. The purpose of this Policy is to shape a strong corporate culture, in order to identify risks at work, to prevent and minimize occupational accidents and occupational diseases. The Policy for Health and Safety at Work is binding for the entire staff of the Company, at all levels of the hierarchy, as well as third parties who work for us.

Training & development 

IPTO is constantly investing in the training and development of its workers, in order to meet the increased challenges it faces at the operational level. 
Our primary goal is to design training programmes for our workforce, in order to help them reinforce their technological and organisational knowledge, develop their creative thinking and try their skills in innovation programmes. 


  • A number of measures were taken for the protection and safety of the workers from February 2020 to this day, in light of the coronavirus pandemic. IPTO gave the highest priority to the protection of the health of workers, whether working in the office, the construction site or the field. 
  • Increase by 65% of the average training hours of workers in 2019. 
  • Programme for the distribution of gift cards to the children of IPTO workers and to pensioners for the 2019 Christmas holiday.