At IPTO we design, choose the locations and construct our projects with environmental awareness.

That is why: 

  • We study and thoroughly assess the potential impact of our projects on protected species and habitats.
  • We take mitigation measures which eliminate, prevent or restrict to  negligible levels our projects’ potential impact. Mitigation measures include changes in the size, location and design of parts of our projects (e.g. use of low-noise transformers to reduce noise pollution) or may take the form of temporary adjustments to the duration of the construction and operation phases (e.g. avoidance of construction works during the migratory period of birds) 
  • We examine alternative solutions when the a planned project’s impact remains significant, even after mitigation measures (e.g. change of location or implementing the project underground, change of scale or the development plans). 
  • We implement projects for the restoration and protection of the natural environment after the completion of our projects.