The development and maintenance of the electricity transmission network covers the entire country and benefits the whole of society, by reducing electricity bills for everyone and contributing to the transmission of clean forms of energy, after permanently closing the polluting power plants. 

Nevertheless, at IPTO we are aware that we may cause nuisance during the development and maintenance of the network. We therefore take specific actions aiming to secure a sustainable future for the local communities.


  • We maintain a systematic dialogue with the local communities in which we operate, to achieve mutual understanding and to effectively communicate the benefits emerging from our projects.
  • We look for alternative solutions in the routing of the transmission lines in each project, to find solutions everyone agrees to and cause the least possible nuisance during the construction of our projects. 
  • We inform owners, where private land needs to be expropriated, with regard to the procedure for collecting their compensation. 
  • We immediately inform owners with regard to the procedure for collecting their compensation in cases of expropriation of private land.
  • We are constantly taking action and initiatives to support local communities by keeping an open line of communication with them.
  • We strictly and unequivocally adhere to the limits set by Greek law concerning electromagnetic fields, both for the general public and for our workers.