With reference to the notice published on October 5th 2018 on JAO, TERNA and ADMIE websites about the unavailability of the link between Italy and Greece, Terna and ADMIE provide market participants with some updates related to the activities in place for the full restoration of the interconnection.

As previously announced, the surveys carried out through special equipment have located the area of the cable fault in the marine section close to the land/sea joint close to the landing point on the Italian side. In this area, the coast and the seabed are characterized by a steep rock wall with marked increase in depth, which makes the recovery of the marine cable very elaborate.

Because of the fragmented morphology of the seabed present in this area, the restoration of the fault requires complex technical operations. In this condition, the previously planned work methodology proved to be not achievable, so an alternative approach has been designed and a new activity program has been developed.

With this new framework, the HVDC link will be restored and put into operation by the end of November 2018. Nevertheless, due to the complexity of the actions put in place, we reserve the right to further confirm this time schedule.

Considering the extended duration of the outage period and the uncertainty on the date of the full restoration, the monthly auctions for the month of December will not be carried out.

Terna and ADMIE will do their best to inform market participants in a timely manner through JAO and their own websites about the evolution of the restoration activities.