With reference to the notice published on September 20th 2018 on JAO, TERNA and ADMIE websites about the unavailability of the link between Italy and Greece, Terna and ADMIE inform market participants that the fault has been located on the undersea part of the cable, between 100m and 200m from the Italian coast, where the seabed is extremely steep and fragmented.

As a result of the abovementioned seabed morphology, the ongoing restoration activities will require a slight extension of the previously communicated timelines. The link is expected to be back in operation by the first fortnight of November.

During the outage period, the NTC between Greece and Italy will be set to zero (0) in both directions and daily auctions will not be held. Moreover considering the extended duration, even the monthly auctions for the month of November will not be carried out.

As previously announced starting from October 7th 00:00 CET and till the restoration of the cable, Terna and ADMIE will guarantee the long-term PTRs already assigned for the year 2018.

Terna and ADMIE will do their best to inform market participants in a timely manner through JAO and their own websites about the evolution of the restoration activities.